…working out – outdoor…

Here’s a great article written by Kate Larsen on Indoor-Outdoor Fitness.


There is such an incredibly diverse amount of outdoor activities available to us. While gym workouts are great, the options and benefits of outdoor workouts suggest that we should be enjoying more outside time that we do.

2008 is right around the corner. Make an effort to enjoy a wider variety of soul refreshing, stress relieving, and health enhancing activities.


Hello, and Welcome to NaturesGym Weblog!

Aloha and Welcome. Thank you for visiting my weblog. I know, it isn’t much right now, but just wait. As soon as I figure out just what a weblog is….

I recently started making some t-shirt designs. My work is posted at Nature’s Gym on cafepress. If you get a chance, take a look and I would appreciate some constructive feedback. Take a look at the About page for some information on what led me to start offering these designs online.